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Pros, Cons, & Who benefits more from them


  • One unit means you have access to your bathroom, wardrobe, food, and other necessities right away.
  • No need to expose yourself to inclement weather or temperatures when parking.
  • One unit means one purchase, no extras needed.
  • No need to tow another vehicle.
  • Shortens driving time because you don’t have to find or reserve a place for your travel trailer when in a city.


  • When you need a repair or maintenance, you’re literally leaving your house behind for as long as the job takes. You have to figure out how to get around and even where to sleep in the meantime.
  • Fuel use and fuel economy are a potential negative. The cost of moving around a motorized RV through the country are enough to make some people second-guess their purchase.
  • More expensive than a towable overall, and also more expensive to fix if the need arises.
  • In general, they tend to need more repairs and maintenance than towables.


A motorized RV or destination trailers is for people who want to pick up and go wherever they want to go, whenever they feel like it. Since they are generally more luxurious and have more home-like amenities than towables, motorized RVs are preferred for longer trips, and are ideal for people who think that it’s all about the road and not so much the destination.

The number of amenities in a motorized RV that most RV makers and manufacturers include, such as TV, bathrooms, larger kitchens, and more means that not only will your trip feel more comfortable and at home, but you don’t have to worry about setting up and tearing down in each stop. Overall, if the nomadic lifestyle or just the feeling of being able to take off without a fixed return date appeals to you, the motorized RV is your best choice.

Bottom line, if you are a full-time traveler, a retiree aching to see the whole country in one go, part of a large family, or just looking to explore America from the comfort of your own home, motorized recreational vehicles is the way to go.

Towable RVs

Pros, Cons, & Who benefits more from them


  • Prices are sometimes shockingly affordable for the value they provide, and are much lower than that of motorized RVs overall.
  • Chances are that you won’t know what you actually want in an RV until you actually travel for a while in one. The lower price of towables makes them great for first-timers.
  • In general, towables are easier to bring to those hard-to-reach spots and through difficult terrain than full-fledged RVs.
  • Since you’re probably towing with a truck, that additional storage space makes the logistics of traveling easier.
  • Less likely to break, easier and cheaper to fix.


  • You must own or purchase a strong enough vehicle in good condition to tow it, which might imply additional purchases.
  • Their set-up and tear-down nature makes camping more time-consuming.
  • Better suited for short trips with a clear destination, not for the nomadic lifestyle that many RV owners are looking for.
  • Difficult and risky to drive under threatening weather conditions.
  • Backing up requires a good deal of practice.

Who Benefits From Them?

People who prefer shorter trips, from weekend-long to week-long, will love the convenience of towables. A towable or tent campers is also the better option for people who plan to stay at a single spot for an extended amount of time, or if you want to be closer to nature when camping without completely sacrificing comfort. While you can travel the country using a towable, and it might be cheaper to do so, you would be facing some setbacks when staying in cities, amongst other things.

The Bigger the RV, The Better: True Or False? | RV Manufacturers

An RV size For Every Traveler

There are many misconceptions about the relationship between size and quality when it comes to RVs. Let’s start off by saying that bigger isn’t always better in the RV world, despite what some motorhome manufacturers would love you to think, especially for people planning to go full-time with their motorhome. Yes, that sounds contrary to everything you’ve been told about RVs, but let us explain why it’s true.

Owning and operating an RV is less about what you think you need than what you adjust to needing while on the road. For example, right now you may think that you absolutely must have the Class A with the biggest floor plan available so that you can have a nice dry bath. However, if you are only traveling with your partner, planning on short trips only, or not really going off the beaten path, you might find that the whole maintenance, dumping station visits, and lost storage space is not worth it.

On the other hand, thinking that you can make a long cross-country trip with a family of four in a mid-size towable travel trailer and no bathroom, you have a long road of frustration and squabbles ahead of you. These are just some of the situations that might arise if you buy an RV without properly researching based on your needs instead of what you find alluring. Rest assured, all RV types, whether motorized or towable, can be comfortable and luxurious. It’s all about focusing on functionality first and foremost, and amenities later.

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