Eliminate the GAP in your insurance – for only a few dollars a month

Theft or accident involving your new Motorhome, RV/Camper, or Horse Trailer w/ Living Quarters can leave you in a tough financial bind, faced with owing thousands of dollars AFTER your primary insurance settlement.

Here’s why: If your RV or other personal recreational unit is totaled due to accident or theft, the settlement value that your insurance company places on it may be a lot less than its actual retail value – and considerably less than the actual amount you owe on your loan at the time of the loss. When you add the deductible payment on top of the gap between what your insurance company pays and what you are financially responsible for you can be left owing literally thousands of dollars.

We’ll be happy to get you a Gap Insurance quote when you apply to finance your recreational unit and, if you want, finance your coverage by including the premium in your loan.

Southeast Financial’s Gap Insurance erases the financial gap between your primary insurance company’s settlement and the loan or lease payoff. Plus it also covers your deductible. As an example, let’s say that your RV is unfortunately totaled or stolen:

Your loan payoff $30,000
Your RV’s actual cash value $26,000
The First GAP $4,000
Your deductible $500
The Second GAP $500
Your insurance settlement $25,500
The Total GAP $4,500

The last thing you’d want to do is dig into your pocket even further to cover a loss and continue to make payments on the recreational unit you no longer own. Instead protect yourself from this GAP.

Southeast Financial is your one source for recreational unit GAP insurance, warranty, and financing. Cover your RV or horse trailer comprehensively – and put your mind at ease. You can choose from a complete package of insurance/warranty products from Southeast Financial in addition to financing your unit. Or purchase the insurance coverage you need, separately, on an existing unit without financing through us.