Ease Your Mind with a Horse Trailer Gap Insurance Policy

If you think you don’t need horse trailer gap insurance, think again. While a primary insurance policy should cover the personal injury and property damage following a horse trailer accident, it may not cover you if your trailer is stolen or totaled. You could be left liable for thousands of dollars to your lender in addition to the insurance deductible even though your horse trailer is gone. You need the protection of a horse trailer gap insurance company to be sure you’re covered in these unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.

Southeast Financial offers horse trailer gap insurance plans that will keep you from having to empty your bank account to finish paying for a trailer that has been totaled or stolen. We can even combine the gap insurance premium with your monthly loan payments. Whether you’re purchasing a trailer with or without living quarters, new or used, from a dealer or a private seller, we have you covered. In addition to horse trailer gap insurance, we also offer extended warranties, so we can be the one-stop shop for all your financing and protection needs.

This is a big investment you’re making, and it’s more than worth the few dollars it takes every month to protect it. We can provide a quote for gap insurance for horse trailers along with your financing decision, so you’ll be ready to move forward with ease.