We Specialize in Fast, Secure, Worry-Free Financing for your Recreational Vehicle

You’ve been planning it for years. Hitting the open road with (or without) the family to explore places you’ve only dreamed about. Whether you’ve got your sights set on a motorhome an RV, or even a motorcycle or a boat, there is an adventure waiting for you.

So, now that you’ve found the right recreational vehicle, where should you turn to get the financing you need?

Southeast Financial is the Place

We offer nationwide financing for just about any recreational vehicle to make your dreams come true faster (and to save you some serious time and money). Our motto is, if you can drive it or ride it for recreational purposes, chances are we finance it. Our mission is to secure the best possible recreational loan so you can get on the road faster than ever.

What makes us so unique? Here are just a few reasons to choose Southeast Financial.

Fast Credit Decisions

By creating a streamlined online experience to financing that dream recreational vehicle, we can strive to get a credit decision back to you the same day during regular business hours (unlike most banks or finance companies who can take three days or longer to let you know).  This is not always possible during our busy season.  We understand your time is valuable. Therefore, everything we do is centered toward getting you fast approvals with the best rates and terms just for you and your new vehicle.

Flexible Terms and Great Recreational Lending Rates

Since this is all we do (lending for recreational vehicles), we have access to a wide range of lending sources. Because of this, we are then able to select only the best rates and terms that are a custom fit for your particular purchase.

We can do up to 15 years (180 months) with the best possible rates and low minimum amounts that allow us to target just about whatever monthly payment you’re looking to land. Plus, our massive experience with recreational loans for motorhomes, RVs, campers, horse trailers, boats, and motorcycles, allows us to work only with best banks who understand how to maximize this specific type of financing. This means we can get you behind the wheel faster and easier without any headaches down the road.

Fast and Simple Service with Online Efficiency to Boot

We’ve been around the national recreational loan industry for more than 18 years and have pioneered online efficiencies, new methods, and relationships that help us give you an unparalleled experience. Once the loan is complete, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding customer service and do it efficiently.

If you have a phone or an Internet connection, there will be nothing stopping you from enjoying the best financing experience available for your recreational vehicle purchase. Any of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives can answer all your questions and help you not only get the perfect loan but also support you “down the road” for the term of that loan.

Our Expertise Covers You from the Moment You Apply until You Make Your Last Payment

We find you the best rates in the industry regardless of the amount financed. You might find a lower advertised rate but what they may neglect to reveal up front is that the only way to qualify for that rate is to finance over $75,000. In addition to perfect credit in order to qualify.

Our minimum credit score requirement is significantly lower than other lenders. Many lenders require a score of 740 or above to even consider you for a loan. We can deliver a financing option at just about any level.

The minimum amount we’ll finance goes way down to is typically lower than our competitors. Others won’t even look at you unless you’re spending $25,000 minimum, forcing you to either look elsewhere or buy more than you need.

We finance new AND used models, unlike others who will not even look at you unless it’s a new model (let alone anything older than 9 years).

We also make it easy to access your loan status online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can find out if you’re approved without any hassle and enjoy a completely painless closing process.

As you can see, it’s now time for us to help you save money, grow your value and get you on the road to the adventure of your dreams. Let Southeast Financial demonstrate exactly why we are the leader in recreational financing industry.