Recreational vehicles, or RVs, are gaining popularity with adventurers of all ages, and 5th wheel campers are perfect if you want to quickly hook up and take off.

Whether you like to keep camping simple at your local county and state parks, are a recent retiree who wants to hit the road and explore the country, or you are ready to splurge on luxury for some serious glamping, now is the time to invest in the 5th wheel camper of your dreams.

In this 5th Wheel Buying Guide, we highlight a few helpful tips and buying advice to consider when searching for or buying a 5th wheel travel trailer that’s right for you.

Consider Its Intended Use

This is the most important factor to consider, as you really cannot make any other decisions about your 5th wheel travel trailer until you determine what type of activities you will be enjoying.

If you are a weekend warrior and plan to spend more time outside than inside, a pop-up camper may work for you, but 5th wheel travel trailers provide a lot more comfort and luxury. If you plan to spend more time on the road, say during the summer months while the kids are out of school, then you will want to make sure you have enough space for long comfortable trips, as well as some amenities for those rainy days.

If you are one of those lucky people who has decided to follow your wanderlust and live on the road, then again you have to consider room for comfort and amenities, but more importantly think about necessities like the size of tanks for potable water, grey water, and black water. You will need more gas for heating as well as cooking. You should invest a little more in materials that are more durable, while also being lightweight for fuel efficiency.

If you are thinking about a 5th-wheel travel trailer that will be stationary instead of hauled, you will need to confirm the requirements of the RV park or community as far as length and hook-ups. Also, make sure you understand the amenities available (some provide perks like WiFi and satellite radio).


What Is Important to You?

Those enjoying RV living are undoubtedly resourceful and creative, and many of those camping hacks have been engineered into new fifth-wheel campers, along with luxuries that make a pop-up camper look like a pup tent. When making your 5th wheel travel trailer wish list, consider these spaces used for everyday living:

  • Size of the kitchen and counter space
  • Size and placement of appliances (full size vs. camper or dorm size)
  • Size and privacy of sleeping areas and rear bedroom
  • Size and comfort of living area as well as rear living area
  • Number of bathrooms (rear bath)


Once you have determined what you need for easy and stress-free daily life, then think about the things that will pump up the pleasure factor. Do you want:

  • Air conditioning
  • Big screen TV
  • Satellite TV/radio
  • Electric fireplace
  • Central vacuum
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer & dryer


These are some luxury items that you can get in 5th wheel travel trailers that you are just not going to fit into pop up campers. This all relates back to what kind of 5th wheel travel trailer living you desire.

Fifth Wheel Vs. Travel Trailer: What Are The Differences?

  • Fifth wheels are mainly used for long-term, permanent living. Travel trailers may be used for vacation, camping, or a short-term daily living solution.
  • Fifth wheels are generally larger than travel trailers. Fifth wheel RVs range in size from a small camper to a large motorhome. Travel trailers tend to be smaller so they do not have a separate cooking or living area. Fifth wheel campers have large living rooms that may include multiple beds and a kitchen.
  • A travel trailer is attached to the rear of your truck or vehicle on the bumper whereas fifth wheel campers are attached to the truck bed; making it easier to hitch. In addition, because fifth wheel hitches are higher, they not only reduce sway while you’re driving but also provide a much better turning radius.
  • In comparison to travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers have a bigger basement storage area, making them perfect for carrying big outdoor gear, camping toys, or propane tanks. (TMI: If you and your family need a trailer with plenty of living and storage area, then a fifth wheel toy hauler is the trailer for you; since it’s a type of trailer that’s half living area and half storage or garage. With a fifth wheel toy hauler, you can easily haul ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis, or kayaks so you and your family are always ready for your next adventure.)


Benefits of a 5th Wheel Travel Trailer

Pop-up campers are nice because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to haul. You can also have a rear kitchen for your convenience.

They are great for families with kids or campers who are going to spend all of their time outdoors unless they are sleeping or if nasty weather rains on their fun. Class A and Class C motorhomes are also marvelous, but some issues with those include: having to tow a separate vehicle for short day trips; Class As are harder to drive and park; if you have mechanical trouble and it has to be in the garage, you are without a home; and depending on the length of the RV, it can limit campsites available to you.

A 5th wheel camper is hitched up to a towing vehicle, most likely a truck, so once you set up camp, you have a vehicle at your disposal. So if you already have a truck capable of towing, fifth wheel campers become an even greater idea. 5th wheel travel trailers have more stability when hauling, so they are easier to handle and have a better turning radius—which is important for getting into some of those tight campsites.

The beauty of 5th-wheel travel trailer living is that it can be as rugged or as glamorous as you wish. Talk to a dealer here at Southeast Financial. At Southeast Financial, we specialize in Nationwide Recreational Vehicle Financing, so contact us today to get the wheels rolling on your dream fifth wheel travel trailer.