Don’t Fall into the Gap: Cover Your Investment with RV Gap Insurance

The RV gap insurance plans from Southeast Financial are designed to protect you in circumstances such as serious accidents and thefts, where your primary insurance may not be enough. You could potentially be left owing thousands of dollars even after receiving an insurance settlement if your recreational vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident. For just a few dollars a month, though, you can have an RV gap insurance policy to cover all your losses in the worst-case scenario.

The purpose of RV gap insurance is to protect you in the worst of unexpected situations. Say, for example, your recreational vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident when you still owe $30,000 on the loan. The primary insurance company, however, might decide that the vehicle is only worth $26,000. That means you will still owe $4,000 to repay the loan, in addition to the insurance deductible (typically around $500), without any RV to show for it.

Contact us today for RV gap insurance quotes and protect this big investment you’re making in the event of any unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. We can provide the ideal supplemental coverage so you won’t be left paying for a recreational unit you no longer own. In addition to RV gap insurance, we also provide extended warranties, and we can even combine your premiums with your loan so you pay one convenient, monthly amount.