Below are several questions that we often hear from prospective customers and our answers.

Where do I take my recreational vehicle for repair?
It’s easy! You can visit any licensed dealer or repair facility in the United States or Canada for repair service. If you purchased your recreational vehicle from a dealership we recommend returning to them if possible due to their continued and personal interest in making sure you are a satisfied customer. Otherwise you may select any repair facility of your choice. The warranty companies’ service agents are also available to assist you in locating a repair facility using their National Fleet Service relationships with companies such as Firestone, Pep Boys, AAMCO, etc.
How do I start a claim?
Once you have chosen a repair facility to perform the needed repairs have them contact the toll free number on your warranty card and your problem becomes the warranty companies’ responsibility. They will authorize the repair facility to diagnose the problem with the vehicle, approve the covered repairs, and authorize the work to start immediately. If your recreational vehicle is still under manufacturer warranty you should return the vehicle to a manufacturer authorized dealer.
How will my claim get paid?
You don’t have to pay anything out of pocket other than your deductible. The warranty company will pay the repair facility directly by Corporate Credit Card. Payment can be made by check if requested. If the repair facility requires you to pay them personally for the repairs you will be reimbursed by check within 30 days of receipt of claim documents.
Can I transfer my warranty when I sell my vehicle?
Yes, all you need to do to transfer your contract upon selling your vehicle is submit the following items: COPY OF THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT. COPY OF THE STATE-ISSUED VEHICLE TITLE. LETTER STATING THE DATE AND ODOMETER READING (IF APPLICABLE) AT TIME OF SALE. NEW OWNER’S NAME, ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER. Your complete transfer request must be received within 30 days of the sale of the vehicle.
Can I cancel my warranty contract?
You can cancel your warranty contract at any time by notifying us in writing. Once we receive your cancellation request we will send you a pro-rated refund minus the standard cancellation fee.
How likely is it that my recreational vehicle will need repairs?
It’s not a matter of “if” your unit will need repairs; it’s a matter of “when”. The odds of a breakdown or major failure go up each year you own your recreational vehicle, and so do the odds that parts and labor costs will continue to escalate. More than 30% of all recreational vehicles will need major repairs in only their second year. This number increases to more than 75% by the fifth year and nearly 100% by year eight.
What types of recreational vehicles do you offer extended warranties for?
We offer extended warranties for new or used motor homes, travel trailers, horse trailers, fifth wheels, campers, motorcycles and boats. Please note that we do not offer warranties for recreational vehicles that are more than 12 model years old. We also do not offer warranties for motor homes that have a retail sale price of more than $500,000 or have more than 100,000 miles. Travel trailers, campers, fifth wheels, and horse trailers cannot have a retail sale price of more than $200,000.