About Southeast Financial

The team at Southeast Financial is dedicated to making dreams come true by fulfilling our valued customers’ recreational vehicle financing needs. After 18 years of financing boats, campers, horse trailers, motor homes, motorcycles and RVs from our headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, we have become a leader in the recreational vehicle industry. Our mission is to offer customers the best financing possible with fast, friendly, professional and hassle-free service. If you want to finance the purchase of a recreational vehicle or trailer, you have come to the right place.

What sets Southeast Financial apart from the competition is our dedication to finding the best rates and terms for every one of our customers. We have been able to develop a unique understanding of the lending process for these types of vehicles over the years, and fostered partnerships with banks that specialize in financing recreational vehicles and trailers. Our team of financing experts work with our partner banks to hammer out better rates and terms than most people could find by applying for a loan with their own bank.

If you are a recreational vehicle or trailer dealer, you have also come to the right place. We partner with more than 700 dealers across the country, offering competitive financing to the buyers and reducing paperwork for the dealerships–a win-win for everyone.

Sorry, but we do not offer financing for commercial vehicles.