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Let’s face it, there’s nothing like being out on the water. Whether you love the spray of the sea in your face or towing a couple of skiers behind you, it’s hard to beat a day on the lake. Don’t let an unreasonable rate or ridiculous terms sink your dream of boat ownership.
Let Southeast Financial help you navigate the tricky waters of boat financing that will put you behind the wheel of the watercraft of your choice.

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Extended Service Coverage

Don’t let unexpected repairs sink your budget

Inboard Coverage
Outboard Coverage

A boat extended warranty can help protect this major investment and ensure that you’ll be back on the water in no time when you need repairs and replacement parts. Repairs and maintenance costs can really drive up the price of owning a boat, and you never know when something is going to need to be fixed or replaced. As boats become more complex and performance levels increase, oftentimes, so does the need for frequent mechanical repairs, which can cost thousands of dollars. Our affordable boat extended warranties are designed to cover high-priced repairs and replacements that result from a variety of situations, including unexpected breakdowns in other states.

Southeast Financial offers boat extended warranty plans with flexible terms, which means you can choose the plan that best fits your budget. For our customers who have financed their boat purchases with us, we offer convenient packages that bundle monthly loan payments with warranty payments. We also work with those who have financed their purchases through other lenders, for both new and used boats from dealerships as well as independent sellers.

Our boat extended warranties are affordable enough to fit easily into most monthly budgets and comprehensive enough to cover most mechanical problems that arise with a variety of boats, ranging from fishing boats to ski boats to yachts. Contact us today to learn more and get the protection you need.

**We use the term “extended warranty” to describe this product because that is what most consumers know, versus a “service contract.” Manufacturers or sellers offer warranties backing the original workmanship and quality of the manufactured item(s). As a third party Southeast Financial offers an “extended service contract” which provides protection from mechanical failure beyond what a manufacturer’s warranty provides.

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Additional Benefits

Towing Reimbursement

REIMBURSEMENT In the event towing is required because of a breakdown of a covered component. Up to $100 per occurrence

Hoist/Lift Out Assistance

Up to $100 per occurrence.

Finance Options For Warranty Available

Finance options available so you do not have to pay the entire warranty cost up front.

Pick Up And Delivery Assistance

Up to $100 per occurrence.

Frequently asked questions

Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions about our extended warranty if you still have
some of your own.

If you buy a boat from a dealership, it’s recommended that you return to them if possible. If not, you can go to any licensed dealer or repair facility in the US. If you need assistance in locating a repair facility, our company service agents are also available to help for that.

Starting claims is easy. At the time when you’ve chosen a repair facility, have them contact the toll free number on your warranty card and the problem will be in the responsibility of the warranty company. Once they’ve authorized the repair facility and have found out the problem with your travel trailer, they can also authorize the facility to start work right away. Important note: In the instance that your RV or RVs are still under manufacturer warranty, then it must be returned to a manufacturer authorized dealer.

You don’t have to pay anything out of pocket other than your deductible. The warranty company will pay the repair facility directly by Corporate Credit Card. Payment can be made by check if requested. If the repair facility requires you to pay them personally for the repairs, you will be reimbursed by check within a month or thirty days of receipt claim documents.

Testimonials of our Warranty Coverage

Here are just a few of the RV owners who have used our extended warranties to gain protection from costly repairs and, above all, peace of mind on their trips.

"I hesitated at first, but now I’m proud of myself for deciding to purchase the extended warranty plan from Southeast Financial for my RV! The coverage is so comprehensive it gives me peace of mind knowing that system, and the warranty covered the repair costs without any hassle. I really recommend this warranty to all RV owners looking for reliable coverage."
Pete Richards
"The extended warranty plan offered by Southeast Financial is a game-changer for RV owners like me. The coverage is so extensive it even includes appliances and waste systems which other warranty providers often overlook. and the warranty took care of the replacement cost. I feel really confident hitting the road knowing that Southeast Financial covers me."
Haley Blacksmith
"I cannot speak highly enough of the extended warranty plan from Southeast Financial. As an RV owner, the last thing you want is to be hit with expensive repair bills. With this warranty, I feel protected against any Investing in this warranty was one of the best decisions I made for my RV, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for reliable coverage."
Devindra Anand

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