Luxury Travel Trailers, RV's and Motorhomes

Luxury RVs and Travel Trailers

What one person considers luxurious may only be enough for another. Luxury motorhomes, on the other hand, have the power to evoke in everyone the image of a mobile home with all the amenities of a conventional house and more.

The image of a large, coach-shaped vehicle with all the mod cons on board, such as flat-screen televisions, spacious bathrooms, slide-outs to optimize space, and a high-quality finish to all interior fixtures and fittings, is inextricably linked to the concept of luxury motorhomes!

When you buy a luxury RV or a Travel Trailer, you’re not just getting a means of transportation; you’re also investing in an adventure that can change your life. Here’s our Southeast Financial guide on the world of luxury motorhomes and what to expect.

What Are Luxury RVs?

Luxury recreational vehicles (RVs) have more room, better furnishings, and stronger construction than cheaper RVs. They have full-size appliances, heated flooring, and automatic satellite dish setups, making them more like a mobile home than a camper.

What Makes Luxury RVs Different?

Luxury recreational vehicles (RVs) can be found in a wide range of sizes and styles, but they all have some core characteristics in common. They’re often over 40 feet in length, loaded with features, and climate controlled.

There are a few distinct categories of high-end recreational vehicles, each with its own set of amenities. To have both space and comfort while on the road, a luxury recreational vehicle is the way to go.

Depending on the model and design luxury travel trailers can have features such keyless entry door, solar panels, theater seating, a mobile office, two twin beds, solid surface countertops, a commercial-grade kitchen sink, ample counter space, electric vehicles (EVs) recharging, etc.

However, a trailer is the most basic form of high-end recreational vehicle, and it is not designed for long trips. They have one or two small rooms and aren’t usually very pleasant to stay in. As a rule, they are more affordable than other sorts, however, this might vary widely depending on the specifics of the arrangements you and your loved ones have chosen.

How Much Can a Luxury RV Cost?

There are numerous variables to think about while shopping for a high-end recreational vehicle. The RV’s pricing will be a primary consideration. Warranties and the vehicle’s intended use are two more considerations.

Many different types and pricing points are available for luxury recreational vehicles. Some of the most lavish can cost $300,000, but luxurious recreational vehicles start at around $25,000. All high-end recreational vehicles, regardless of cost, have common features and conveniences.

All high-end recreational vehicles have not only warranties but also a slew of extras like collision insurance and roadside support.

Why Choose a Luxury RV?

The opportunity to travel in elegance is provided by luxury RVs, which feature opulent living areas and one-of-a-kind amenities not found in other campers. Luxury motorhomes and towables are a must-consider if you’re seeking an RV that redefines glamping.

Where Can Luxury RVs camp?

What you desire in a campground depends greatly on your personal preferences. RV parks are typically found either inside the city limits or close by. Their rates can be as low as $35 per night and as much as $70 per night.

In order to lower their nightly costs even further, several RV parks also take part in reduced camping programs like Passport America or Good Sam. On request, several also provide weekly and monthly prices.

The majority of RV parks include space for travelers as well as sites for long-term RV camping, and some even have space for permanent residents. The beauty that surrounds you is what you are truly paying for if you spend more each night than at an RV park. That is what you should take into account when searching for amenities at RV campgrounds.

RV campgrounds are more similar to the type of accommodations you would find in a State or National Park. You’ll frequently have more privacy here than in a conventional RV park because RV campgrounds are typically situated in nature-surrounded settings, such as forests or lakes.

Advantages of Luxury RVs


The most obvious advantage of having a luxury RV is the reduced cost of vacationing in one. Hotels, Airbnbs, and rental houses can add up quickly.

No need for constant packing

Another perk of owning a high-end recreational vehicle is never having to lug around a heavy suitcase. Getting ready for a trip requires a lot of packing and unpacking.

Bathrooms and laundry available

Many frequent family vacationers like on-site facilities, including toilets and laundry rooms. If you’re traveling for a lengthy amount of time, you’ll either need to find an AirBnb with laundry units or discover laundromats to use on the route.

100% Comfort

Possessing a high-end recreational vehicle is advantageous because of the convenience it provides. Vacation and business travel productivity can both benefit from having a private location to call one’s own.

You can customize it

Having your own high-end RV means you may personalize it in any way you wish. When you’re on the road for an extended period of time and need to maintain your professional obligations, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or convenience in order to do so.

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Luxury RV Restrictions


The upper-end RVs are quite large, which is another con. Most high-end recreational vehicles are above 40 feet in length, making them a challenge to drive.

They cost a lot of money

That’s the first, and possibly most noticeable, negative. Towable recreational vehicles in the luxury category cost a little fortune. As an example, even the most affordable travel trailers can cost more than $10,000.

Heavy upkeep is inevitable

Large in size, well-thought-out in design, and loaded with conveniences, luxury recreational vehicles deserve the name they’ve been given. The interiors of these cars are crammed to the gills with technological devices and home appliances. At first glance, this may seem like a good thing, and in some cases, it is. However, the more appliances you have, the greater the risk that anything may break.

Low resale value and potential financial loss

Expensive luxury recreational vehicles come with high financial risk and low resale value. It will likely take a considerable amount of time to pay them off in full, and you may also have to deal with interest that accrues daily.

Space is at a premium

And finally, remember that an RV (even a high-end RV) has a restricted layout. Once an RV’s dimensions exceeded the threshold set by state legislation, it became impractical to drive it across the country.

How Wide Can Your RV Legally Be?

One of the biggest vehicles on the road is the travel trailer. For camping and traveling comfort, the RV body width is essential. However, did you know that a lot of broad-body RVs are actually too big to legally travel on public roads?

While it is safe and legal to drive an RV on interstates, problems can arise when you venture off of them. The standard width for class A motorhomes and large luxury RV units is 102 inches or 8.5 feet.

What is less well known is that there are a few states in the US that have an 8-foot maximum for vehicle length. In certain states, the maximum width is even 8 feet.

In the following states, the maximum width is 8 feet:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Delaware
  • D.C.
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • North Carolina
  • West Virginia

Common Amenities of Luxury Travel Trailers and RVs

Your RV vacation will be much enhanced if you are able to invest in a few necessary upgrades. If you’re in the market for a new travel trailer, keep the following amenities in mind to make your camping trips more pleasant. The following are some common amenities of luxury travel trailers:


The kitchen, sometimes known as the “galley,” is frequently taken into account when individuals are considering travel trailers. A larger, more complete kitchen would typically cost more than one with only the minimal necessities because the types of kitchens they offer will vary greatly between businesses and sizes.

How To Survey a Used Boat

Given the comparatively low cost compared to the risk of receiving a boat with significant issues, don’t even consider purchasing a boat without first having a professional survey performed. However, a fast 10-minute survey can indicate whether a boat is worthwhile for a more thorough examination, and anyone with boating experience should be able to complete it. Consider the following to do it:

Extra Sleeping Space

People give a lot of thought to the sleeping area as well, especially if they intend to take longer trips in their new travel trailer.

Consider how many companions you will be taking on the majority of your journeys before anything else. Unless some of them intend to sleep in tents outside, you should make sure that there is enough room for everyone to do so comfortably.

The majority of travel trailers have one bedroom and several alternative sleeping arrangements. They can, however, differ greatly in terms of those possibilities and how comfy they are.

Advanced Bathrooms

The importance of a bathroom is the last key factor to think about before buying a luxury travel trailer.

If you want to go camping away from civilization, you’ll need a trailer with flush toilets and showers. Extra space in the bathroom means you can keep your clothes and toiletries well organized, and a fully functional shower means you can relax in the water.

Luxury Travel Trailer and RV Brands

Many of the most well-known manufacturers also produce high-end RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers. These luxury RVs include comforts and conveniences that are normally reserved for much more expensive versions. The most famous brands and models are:


Newmar’s 50 years of producing high-quality recreational vehicles include the principle that people will always create the best product. Just as they have done since 1968, they take the time to handcraft each of their coaches one at a time.

Recent Models


Since 1967, Foretravel has been recognized as the best luxury motorcoach builder in the industry, and the company has set the standard for innovation and floor plan design.

Recent Models


The Volvo Group, with its main office in Gothenburg, Sweden, includes Prevost. Prevost has access to the resources of one of the largest producers of heavy-duty diesel engines and the second-largest producer of motorcoaches and transit buses.

Recent Models


Since 1983, the family-owned business Marathon Coach has manufactured over 1,300 Prevost luxury motorhomes for customers worldwide. These one-of-a-kind works of art feature virtually every modification possible and their many patent-protected conveniences.

Recent Models


More than half a century ago, Newell Coach was formed on the same ideas that continue to fuel their company’s success today: provide an original, high-quality product and stand behind it with unmatched support. In the history of motorhome development, Newell has always been a pioneer.

Recent Models


The market for upscale transportation has been ignited by Marchi. Marchi Mobile is a well-known vehicle brand that embodies exclusivity and opulence.

Recent Models

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Luxury RV vs Luxury Travel Trailer: Which is Best For You?

For years, RVs, vans, and motorhomes have been in demand, and the market has never stopped developing bigger, better models. If you’re searching for an upgrade, a luxury or high-end RV could seem enticing, but hold off on spending money just yet!

Luxury recreational vehicles are frequently longer than 40 feet, making them bulky and challenging to maneuver. While the extra space may be nice for storage and comfort inside, it only makes driving much more difficult.

Although a luxury travel trailer always has a higher initial price, it is a perfect choice for those of you who want to camp in luxury and comfort. A wide variety of RVers find the feeling of a typical house in many luxury travel trailers to be enticing.

Questions To Ask Before Making a Decision

Which Offers More Living Space?

Is there enough room in this RV for your needs? Are you taking your full family on the majority of your travels? Or will you and your significant other be the only ones there? It is essential to be aware of this beforehand. The last thing you want is to spend a week cramming your entire family into a trailer that is too small. With that kind of expertise, there isn’t much luxury to be had.

How Important is Going Off-Road For My Trip?

If you intend to go off-roading in any way, even if it only involves following a few gravel roads to some remote campsites, make sure your RV has the capacity to accomplish that sustainably. You should also invest in good tires and understand the proper methods for securing loose objects.

Do I have a Vehicle to Tow It?

This is certainly something you’ve already considered, but it’s still significant. Make sure your car can tow the trailer you order. The very last thing you want to do is buy this lovely trailer just to find out you can’t even take it home, much less on a cross-country vacation.

Does it Have Wi-Fi?

Now, this is a big one. Does it support adding a wifi booster, or has wifi? When you are outside, taking in the great outdoors, in the middle of nowhere, you could be curious about what is happening in the outside world. Consequently, purchase a trailer with wifi to avoid missing a beat. This feature might end up becoming your favorite.

Make sure there is a place for a TV there as well, if possible. Nothing compares to making a long journey and relaxing under the stars to watch your favorite programs.

Does It Match My Daily Living Standards?

You don’t want to feel like you’re sacrificing too much by leaving your cozy house for a trailer for a few weeks. For this reason, you are purchasing a high-end trailer. To that end, check if it satisfies your expectations. Your needs might include a soft bed, hot coffee, and reliable air conditioning.

Does it Have Reliable A/C and Heating?

Air conditioning and heating must be reliable if you intend to travel during the coldest or hottest times of the year.

Which One is Better For My Family’s Vacation Habits?

Think about how big of a recreational vehicle your family needs and what layout would work best for them. Think of how many people you’ll need sleeping space for and how much living space you’ll need during the day and on the road, as well as if they are more the type of staying in or hanging outdoors.

Southeast Financial recommends you consider how much storage space you’ll need when shopping for a recreational vehicle. Think about what you and your family will need for your next outing, and pack and buy accordingly.

How Can I Buy a Luxury RV or Travel Trailer?

In all honesty, purchasing a high-end RV can feel like plowing a lot of money into something. But a truly luxury RV should provide all the conveniences of home while providing the freedom to explore the country without staying in motels.

You should investigate the RV dealership’s financing alternatives if the sticker price of your ideal RV leaves you feeling strapped for cash. A high-end recreational vehicle (RV) can be affordable thanks to flexible financing options.

Southeast Financial

Allow Southeast Financial to guide you as you navigate the complicated world of Luxury RV and Travel Trailer financing. We can help you discover the perfect finance for your next Luxury RV since we have the network, connections, and web resources!

Last but not least, keep in mind that purchasing a luxury RV is all about enjoyment and new experiences. If this is your first time purchasing a luxury RV or Travel Trailer for you and your family, take your time to find the best bargain on the ideal financing plan and let Southeast Financial assist you in getting on (and off) the road.