Luxury Pontoon Boats:
Everything You Need to Know

Luxury Pontoon Boat Buying Guide: What You Should Know

There is nothing quite like a day spent out on the open water. When you’re out on the water, nothing beats the sensation of the sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair.

Some folks are satisfied simply to enjoy this experience while aboard a model of pontoon boat that is more cost-effective. Others are prepared to take their boating experience all the way up to the pinnacle and indulge in genuine luxury while on the water.

If any of those descriptions fit you, you’ve found the appropriate community.

In this guide to luxury pontoon boats, we’ll discuss the various types of boats available, as well as offer advice on how to choose the one that’s best for you. In the end, you will be able to browse for one of these vessels with complete assurance in the judgments that you make regarding your purchases. Here’s everything you need to know about luxury pontoon boats:

What Is A Luxury Pontoon Boat?

Pontoons are defined as low, rectangular boats that are designed to optimize the amount of space available for passengers. They are constructed with two or three pontoons, which are canoe-shaped flotation devices that are attached to the bottom.

Pontoon boats are able to be significantly larger than other types of boats because they have higher buoyancy. This allows pontoon boats to have more surface area for entertaining passengers. They are able to be provided with opulent accessories and conveniences. Pontoon boats can be decked with lighting options to make it stand out in the night, with furniture such as sun pads, bars, lounge seats, as well as sound systems of the highest technological caliber.

One of the many reasons for the prevalence of pontoon boats is their adaptability. They are fantastic boats for going on cruises, fishing, and participating in water sports such as skiing, tubing, or kneeboarding.

Types of Luxury Pontoon Boats

Luxury pontoon boats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. The primary criteria for categorizing these boats is for what purpose they were created.

Luxury Pontoon Boats For Entertaining

“Party barges” is a slang term for yachts that were designed with social gatherings in mind. These pontoon boats have spacious open decks with plenty of seats and party amenities.

The installation of a booming audio system, a built-in wet bar, a built-in refrigerator, an ice maker, and an electric grill are all popular additions. You can choose configurations with dining, cocktail, and game tables.

Luxury Sport Pontoon Boats

The larger engines on luxury sport pontoon boats allow for speedy rides. A few variants feature two or even three engines, significantly increasing top speed. It’s not uncommon for high-end sports cars to reach speeds above 60 mph.

When shopping for a pontoon boat to utilize for water sports, it is important to find one that has the necessary safety features to ensure your compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Luxury Fishing Pontoon Boats

Fishing pontoons, in contrast to conventional yachts, include swivel chairs rather than lounging sofas for the interior. Rod holders live wells, and tackle boxes are all common choices. Fishing rod racks can be installed in a variety of storage areas to facilitate the transport of a larger quantity of equipment.

Fishing pontoon boats are ideal for freshwater fishing in lakes and reservoirs, but they can also be useful in saltwater. They aren’t made for the open sea or large, unprotected canals, but they’re fantastic for fishing in shallow coastal bays and other calmer waters.

Luxury Family Pontoon Boats

Whether you’re looking to kick back and relax, go on a fun summer adventure, or get your heart racing on the tube, a good family pontoon will have plenty of lounge areas, an efficient layout, and adequate amenities to ensure your comfort. The Aqua Patio WB, Sun Tracker Party Barge 24 XP3, and Harris FloteBote Solstice 240 are just a few of the other great boat models in this class.

Loans And Financing That Fit Your Budget

Luxury Pontoon Boat Cost

The final price of a high-end pontoon boat depends heavily on the selections made. The size of the boat and the options you select will have the greatest effect on the final price. Keep in mind that the NAP (National Advertised Price) for luxury brands is typically greater than that of more affordable brands. Selecting the right boat manufacturer is crucial when searching for a high-end pontoon boat.

Luxury Pontoon Boat Design

A typical pontoon boat consists of two simple round tubes that narrow toward the bow. The tubes, often made from welded sheets of marine-grade aluminum, are home to the boat’s fuel tanks. To the tubes, cross beams and deck support channels are welded for extra stability. The deck of a pontoon is fastened to the vessel by cross beams. The rigidity of the pontoon, provided by the support channels, is crucial to the boat’s ride and handling.

Pontoon Boat Weight & Specifications

On average, a pontoon boat weighs between 2,000 and 2,500 pounds, not counting the motor or any additional gear. Usually, the maximum weight, including passengers and cargo, is roughly 2,000 pounds. Last but not least, a typical pontoon boat trailer weighs around 1,200 pounds, bringing the total hauling weight to around 3,700 pounds with an additional 500 pounds of cargo.

Luxury Pontoon Boat Key Features

The configuration of luxury pontoons is different from that of conventional pontoons and contains upmarket amenities such as higher helms, dual captain chairs, convertible sunbeds, changing rooms, and huge water sports platforms. Luxury pontoons also include larger watersports platforms.

Luxury Pontoon Boat Equipment

Different trims have varying numbers of extras, quality of build, and price tags. Every deck should come standard with boating equipment essentials like storage space, comfortable seats, and safety equipment from a reputable brand.

You can tell that a company has put a lot of attention into your boating experience if they provide feature-rich trim options at all pricing points. To a lesser extent, you’ll be able to influence the overall visual style.

New vs Used Luxury Pontoon Boat: What’s The Best Choice?

When you’ve settled on the type of pontoon boat that best suits your needs, it’s time to consider your acquisition alternatives. You may either buy a brand-new boat that may come with a lifetime warranty, a reasonably-priced used boat or trade in your current boat for a more advanced model, but those are really your only three options. To that end, which option do you think would serve you best?

Buying a New Luxury Pontoon Boat

An adrenaline rush is possible when operating a brand-new pontoon boat. The benefits of being a boat’s first owner include the ability to personalize the vessel without worrying about how it has been used previously. It may cost more up front, and you may have trouble getting a boat loan, but once you’ve made your down payment and gotten your boat loan payment schedule sorted out, you’ll be the first person to ever make memories on that boat.

Buying a Used Luxury Pontoon Boat

Though it’s scary to buy a used boat without knowing its full history, you may save money and get a newer model pontoon from an established manufacturer’s lineup that’s in wonderful shape if you do your research and ask the appropriate questions.

A used boat may not have all the bells and whistles of your ideal vessel, so be realistic about what you’re looking for. If you want things to go well, you’ll have to relax your standards a bit.

What Is The Right Luxury Pontoon Boat For You?

Before you contact a dealer, you need do think about a couple things first. Performance and comfort may be adjusted to fit any budget, with costs starting at slightly over $30,000 and going well north of $400,000. Pontoon boats have been used to successfully travel the 5,500-mile Great Loop from Florida to the Great Lakes and back. This route offers a variety of fishing, water sports, sunbathing at anchor, and long-distance cruising opportunities.

What’s Your Body of Water Like?

Choose a pontoon that is suitable for the water conditions at your intended boating destination. Do you happen to be on a tiny, calm lake or a vast reservoir with a choppy water surface? When deciding between a pontoon and a tritoon, this is an important consideration for potential owners.

Luxury Pontoons For Saltwater

You should research pontoon boats that can withstand saltwater if you plan to use them in the intercoastal or other saltwater areas. Learn what features are offered by the saltwater versions of your preferred brands. Large anodes, saltwater-safe parts, and sturdy nose cones are all features you should look for in a good brand.

Big Water or Small Water

It will take a larger boat to navigate enormous bodies of water like the ocean, the intercoastal waterway, or a river. To accommodate your needs, we suggest looking into vehicles with more space, a third row, and a powerful engine. If you’ll only be using it in very calm waters, consider purchasing a smaller one.

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Last but not least, keep in mind that purchasing a luxury pontoon boat, whether new or used, is all about enjoyment and new experiences. If this is your first time purchasing a luxury pontoon boat, take your time to find the ideal model to fulfill all your desired waters. At Southeast Financial we can make things easier for you and your dreams.