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Even seasoned boaters who enjoy fishing find purchasing a boat to be an exciting but difficult decision that requires careful consideration. Before choosing a boat and signing the contract, it is not enough to look at the features, cost, and test drive. For example, car buyers read reviews and investigate particular brands and models; the same should be true when purchasing a boat. Consider the following ten factors and give them some thought before visiting your local boat dealer or browsing the aisles at a major boat show!

What Are Ten Things To Know When Buying a Fishing Boat

When purchasing a fishing or bass boat, there are a few factors to consider, such as gasoline tank, price, and resale value. Bass boats are less adaptable than other models, so there might be better options if you’re buying a fishing boat but also want to use it for other activities. Here are ten things to know when buying a fishing boat:

1. Decide How Big Your Fishing Boat Should Be

How many people in your family will join you on this fishing trip on a lake or bay? Based on your response, you can narrow down your search for a suitable boat in size and layout. For instance, a center console with a large cockpit is ideal for offshore fishing and serious anglers because it allows them to cast and set out lines without interfering with one another and to track a hooked fish around the boat. In contrast, families would benefit more from a walkaround design, which often features a smaller cabin, decent storage space, separate head compartment, and forward seats.

2. Will You Be Making Long Runs In Your Fishing Boat?

Look for a boat with a wide cruising range if you intend to travel great miles offshore, such as to the northeast canyons or the Louisiana wetlands. Having the right power option is essential. When choosing a boat engine, it is recommended that you buy one that is within 20% of the boat’s maximum HP rating and that you acquire the maximum if you want to drive the boat with a big load of people and gear.

3. What Kind of Electronics Will You Need?

The majority of fishermen make do with a VHF radio, a fish detector (sonar), and a chart plotter (GPS). It might not be required to use a fish finder if you only fish shallow flats. However, if your fishing expedition takes you far from land, think about using radar. Chart-plotting and fish-finding multipurpose devices are available from all of the main marine electronics manufacturers, sometimes in addition to other features.

4. Can You Tow The Boat With Your Current Vehicle?

You should make sure you have the means to tow it even if you can afford to purchase that magnificent new 27-footer. A six-cylinder midsize truck or SUV is unlikely to be able to carry the weight. Are you willing to exchange it for a bigger car so you can tow the new boat? Do the math once more and budget for additional automobile and insurance expenses before you say yes.

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5. Take The Boat For a Test Drive

You should always go out on the sea in a fishing boat before buying it. And you’re in luck because it’s a possibility. In most cases, the dealer or seller will let you take the vehicle for a “test drive.” Make sure the boat is seaworthy by taking it out on the water and testing it out. At this stage, it’s also a good idea to invite an impartial third party along for inspection purposes; all to make you feel better about your purchase especially when you encounter boating in rough seas later on.

6. Will You Keep Fish in the Boat?

If you intend to keep fish frequently, seek for a boat with appropriate fish boxes to freeze down the catch because you don’t want your catch to come into contact with your food and beverages in the same cooler. Instead of focusing on the fish boxes’ overall capacity, consider the fish boxes’ dimensions (length, breadth, and depth). For the ice to last as long as possible, the fish boxes must be insulated, and they must drain overboard rather than into the bilge.

7. Will You Be Live Baiting?

If live-baiting is a significant part of your fishing, pay particular attention to livewell systems. Larger is preferable, but the well’s location and design are also crucial. A rounded or oval livewell prevents the early death of baitfish by preventing them from gathering in the corners. It is more convenient to place a livewell near where anglers set out their lines in the back of the boat, such as in the transom, rather than under the forward seat of the center console.

8. Are There Better Options Within Your Budget?

It’s crucial to take your boat’s overall cost into account. Before you go shopping, establish a budget. Keep in mind that the price of a fishing boat will also include a boat trailer, marina fees, operating and maintenance expenses, and insurance for bass boats. Check your state’s boat insurance requirements, and learn more about first-time boat purchases.

9. Check The Warranties Associated With The Boat

Whether you’re looking to buy a saltwater fishing boat or a freshwater fishing boat, your new product will typically come with warranties. You should be fully aware of the extended warranty’s duration. Additionally, you need to be aware of what the warranty will cover if something goes wrong.

In terms of warranty duration, new fishing boats will vary, but generally speaking, they will all include the same things. Now, if you’re buying a secondhand boat, the boat dealer may offer you an extended warranty.

10. Look Into Insurance Costs and Coverage For The Boat

Boat ownership involves more than simply the boat. Besides fuel and insurance, boat ownership requires registration fees and other charges. Renting safety gear and a dock to moor your boat costs money. You’ll be prepared for all fishing boat purchase costs if you consider them all!

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