Kids on a boat with lifejackets

Getting out on the water is one of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather.

There is nothing like getting away from it all, including dry land, and exploring the many waterways both far and close to home. Buying your own boat allows you to have as many opportunities as you want to enjoy the water.

If you are ready to finance a boat, the first thing you need to decide is what type of boat is best for your favorite water activities. Here are a few tips for finding the boat that will suit your needs.

The first question to ask yourself is what type of body of water will you typically visit? Boating can be quite different on rivers, lakes, or oceans. Finding the right boat will make your favorite activities possible.

Rolling on the River

If you plan to spend your boating time on rivers, there are several types of boats that will work for you. While some features are important to have, there are some that you will certainly want to avoid.

The main consideration for boating on rivers is the potential for shallow water. Flat bottom boats are great for rivers. They allow for navigation in shallow water while still offering enough space for fishing and lounging on the deck. Bass boats and bay boats are also good options. There are a number of features to choose from. Outboard motors are still a possibility for boating on rivers. You just want to make sure yours can be raised out of the water when negotiating shallow water. If you are looking at running whitewater, then you definitely want a smaller, more flexible watercraft.

On the Lake

Lake boating offers a little more variety in boating activities, and therefore, in the types of boats that will work.

When boating on a lake, you can go for leisure craft like houseboats. These boats can be used to stay in one place or slowly explore the lake. You can also go for fishing boats with open seating in the rear or front of the boat. The flatboat you got for the river will also work for a lot of lake environments, though they may require additional caution around larger or faster watercraft.

One of the most exciting ways to enjoy boating on a lake involves speed. If you want to waterski or tow a tube on the lake, then you want to choose a boat that offers more power for speed and towing capability. Deck boats, jet boats, and performance boats are perfect for water sports. There are plenty of boats that offer these features along with enough room for fishing and lounging so you can enjoy a number of water activities at your favorite lake. Fish and ski boats help you get the best of both worlds.

Out to Sea

Ocean boating is an entirely different animal.

Speaking of animals, the incredibly large animals you can encounter in the ocean, along with sizable waves mean that opting for a larger boat is the wise move. You also want something with considerable range, including fuel capacity, if you plan on long ocean trips. Power catamarans and large cruisers offer the sleeping quarters and shelter for long boating trips. Also keep in mind that communications like cell phones are less reliable once you get farther from the coast, so equipping your boat with a radio or even satellite phone is a good idea.

No matter what type of boat you choose, you will want to get the best financing you can to help make it as affordable as possible. Once you have picked the perfect boat for you, let Southeast Financial help you with the financing. Contact us today for a free quote.