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Planning Your RV Staycation - RV Trip Planner

Buying an RV opens up an entirely new world of vacations.

The hassle of hotel reservations, small rooms with bad A/C, and out-of-the-way cheap dives are gone now that you’re driving around in living quarters nicer than your average American motel room.

But not every RV trip has to be a cross-country tour to America’s national parks or something like that. In fact, one of the best benefits of owning an RV is the opportunity to have a unique staycation.

This RV trip planner will look at a few different ideas and tips to help you plan your perfect RV staycation.

Why a Staycation?

If you’re going through all the trouble of buying an RV, why bother with a staycation? Isn’t the point of an RV the thrill of the open road and promise of adventure?

Well, yes, it is. But before you embark on a longer trip, it’s a great idea to take a shorter one to work out all the kinks. If your family hasn’t ever traveled together like this before, you’ll want to get a feel for how everyone likes to sleep, play games, and eat.

Think of a staycation as a “dry run” for a longer road trip.

Get Excited

What do you most look forward to when you ink down vacation dates on your calendar?

The day you get to leave work and the other worries of life behind and actually go on the trip, right? Well, a staycation shouldn’t be any different. Just because you’re not driving for hundreds of miles doesn’t mean there’s not a reason to get excited.

With all the different countdown apps available today, putting one on your phone is the perfect idea for a trip like this. You’ll get to see the days tick off with every passing project at work. Soon enough, you’ll be off on your staycation.

Pick a Spot

If you’re really not in the mood for a long drive, you don’t have to find a KOA or other kind of campground out on the edge of town. Some of the best staycations are right in your own driveway!

Generally, though, you’ll want to pick a spot that’s about a half-hour to 45 minutes from home. It’s far enough away to feel like a trip, but not so far that driving there after work on a Friday evening feels like a chore.

Local campgrounds are a great choice, though if you plan on going up in the mountains you’ll want to make sure you have enough power to keep the RV running. This is another good thing to dry-run before a long trip.

Grab the Food

Part of a great tip is the food, right? It shouldn’t be any different for your staycation, which is why we recommend going all-out on the food. If you’re headed to a place that allows for campfires, make sure to bring hot dogs and stuff for s’mores.

This also gives you a chance to get a feel for how the cooking appliances in the RV function. They do a great job, but most stoves and ovens cook a bit differently than what you’d have in your house. When you’re on a staycation, messing up the food in the RVs kitchen isn’t a huge loss. There’s always a burger joint around the next corner, right?

Get Ready to Have Fun

Lastly, the best way to have a good time on your RV staycation is to expect it to be fun. Whether it’s you and the whole family getting out, or just you and your significant other, you need to look forward to the time you get to spend away from work, the house, and other detritus of daily life. We hope this RV Trip Planner gave you ideas on things to do.

Owning an RV is a great way to get something new and unique out of your vacations. You’ll probably have an easier time convincing your kids to have fun on the trip, too!