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What could be better than the thought of going on a road trip with a motorcycle? Imagine the wind flowing, the bike running at full speed, and the beautiful scenery passing you by. To ensure that you have a roadblock-free trip, you should make sure to find the right bike for your road trip needs.

Dual-sport Bike Versus Touring Bikes

As you plan and prepare for the road trip of a lifetime, the option of a dual-sport bike or tour bike may come up. Understanding the differences and your needs will help you find the right bike for you.

Dual-sport Bike

A dual-sport bike is excellent for off-roading. The kind of riding where you can get down and dirty on off-roads (or no roads at all), where you can play around, and do tricks. They can be used on the road and highway, but they are typically designed for adventure off the main roads. A dual sport bike has a couple of things on its body that make it stand out from a tour bike, such as:

  • Handlebars that are tall enough for standing up while you bike
  • A smaller tank than a tour bike
  • A seat like those on motocross bikes
  • Wheels with spokes
  • As opposed to other off-road bikes, dual-sport bike wheels can be used on highway

Because they aren’t as fully equipped or set-up like other bikes, they are more lightweight and easy to move. And even though they are lightweight, they are strong and can stand up to a challenge of riding through all types of terrain.

Tour Bike

A tour motorcycle is built for the open road, not only with its strong engine, but also because it provides comfort and functionality. Road trips usually require you to bring some type of luggage, which is another reason why a tour bike may work well for your road trip as it has enough storage for a longer trip. Some other features that it typically has are:

  • A great stereo system
  • Windshields
  • Road-worthy tires
  • GPS
  • Very comfortable seats

For the most part, tour motorcycles are considered a luxury bike for long-distance road trips, but some of them designed for both highway use and off-roading. These ones may have a higher seat and less fancy features.

Which one is best for your road trip?

If you are preparing for a long trip, you should probably choose a tour bike, as not only do they provide comfort for the long haul, but they also have a sturdier build than a dual-sport bike, which may be important for you and provide you with more protection. Dual-sport bikes also tend to have smaller gas tanks, which could mean that you must make pit-stops much more often. Of course, if you are going on a shorter trip and want to do some off-roading, a dual sport bike could work for a fun and lightweight experience.

Something else to consider is that tour motorcycles are usually much more expensive than your average dual-sport bike. They may also require more costly maintenance than the dual-sport bike which is designed for rough play and use.

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