We believe that the best RV trips involve fantastic food.

Getting a taste of different cities, and what they have to offer, is perhaps one of the greatest perks to RV travel, wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve scoured the most popular foodie blogs and travel guides for the 17 best food destinations in the USA from the west to the east coast! As you plan your next RV trip, add a few of these foodie destinations to your RV road trip planner for a meal you won’t soon forget.

1. Seattle, WA.

RV Trip for Foodies

Due to its location and agriculture, Seattle chefs have access to fresh seafood, game meats, and wild produce. In this city, you’ll find plenty of restaurants serving local fare deliciously combined with cuisine concepts from all over the world. Visit Pike Place Chowder for America’s #1 Chowder and a seafood roll. Dine at Cafe Flora for delectable vegetarian entrees or Altura for upscale Italian.

2. Portland, OR.

Portland, Oregon is abundant in fresh picks, organic finds, experimental cuisine, and more than 600 food carts! Pair all that with Oregon’s beauty and you’ve got one of the best places to RV! This city offers a diverse selection including Argentinian-inspired dishes at Ox and creative Peruvian dishes at Andina. If your taste buds favor classic American, track down a Burger Stevens food cart for one of the best cheeseburgers in the city.

3. San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco sits at the top of nearly every list of cities that dish out foodie favorites, which makes it a must-visit for some of the best food in the USA. The Bay area is fully stocked with Michelin-starred restaurants, diverse eateries, and thriving farmer’s markets. Reserve a table at the Restaurant Gary Danko for exceptional French cooking or choose a casual seat at Boudin’s bakery for a bread bowl or a sandwich on famous San Francisco sourdough.

4. San Diego, CA.

San Diego is a crowd favorite for many reasons, one of which being their ample selection of authentic Mexican cuisine. Enjoy the taste of modern Mexican dishes at Coasterra, dig into a plate of unique taco creations at City Tacos in North Park, and end the day with a tasty dessert from Panchita’s Bakery.

5. Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles is often recognized as one of the best foodie destinations in America due to the fusion cuisine crafted by the city’s booming diversity. Dine on fine Italian at Osteria Mozza in Hollywood, join the popular sushi scene in Little Tokyo, or order “The fine foods of Mexico” at an authentic Mexican joint called El Compadre.

6. Napa Valley, CA

red wine nappa valley

For a pricier selection of award-winning wine and delectable dishes, travel to Napa Valley. Enjoy fine French cuisine at Bistro Jeanty or classic Italian meals at Genova Delicatessen. Bonus points to the RV trip planner who makes time for a famous Napa Valley wine tour!

7. Houston, TX

Known best for its barbecue and a Texas twist on Mexican fare, Houston is known for offering plates of spicy, tangy, mouthwatering dishes. Get a taste of first-rate Tex-Mex at Picos Restaurant, chow down on some tender baby back ribs at Jackson Street BBQ, or step outside the Texas norm for a plate of Cajun Cuisine at Brennan’s of Houston.

8. Austin TX

Like Houston, modern diversity has recently mixed with this city’s classic barbecue style, resulting in some unique and scrumptious restaurants. You can order the usual lip-smackin’, finger-lickin’ brisket and coleslaw, or you can take a chance on something new and visit H Mart Korean Cuisine, Be More Pacific, or Yoshi Ramen.

9. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a given for any traveling foodie and a must for the RV trip planner. This city will provide a dining experience unlike any other with a vibrant culture and spicy Cajun and Creole. Visit the historic Cafe Du Monde for a cup of freshly-ground coffee and a beignet or stop in at the local favorite, Cochon Butcher, for a tasty Cajun sandwich.

10. Miami, FL

Miami has only recently become a top foodie destination due to the dining scene’s sudden upgrade, incorporating tastes of all kinds and cultures. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink serves popular Mediterranean-influenced meals, Makoto dishes out “life-changing” sushi, and Mandolin Aegean Bistro provides some of the best Greek entrees you’ll ever have.

11. Savannah, GA

seafood for your roadtrip

Dive into fresh seafood and southern comfort food at a riverfront restaurant in Savannah, GA. Whether you choose classic cuisine at The Olde Pink House or Sandfly BBQ, or you get a taste of Australian fare at Collins Quarter, you can expect to be fully satisfied.

12. Nashville, TN

Nashville is famous for two things: legendary country singers and southern comfort food. Enjoy the popular southern favorites at Arnold’s or fill the table with hot chicken at Hattie B’s.

13. Chicago, IL

Chicago is applauded for serving up some of the best food in the USA and is well worth a long day of RV travel. This thriving city is packed with an abundance of noteworthy restaurants, some of which include Honey Butter Fried Chicken and Owen & Engine, a British-inspired with a menu full of American favorites.

14. Philadelphia, PA

philly cheesesteak

Philadelphia is steeped in diversity and history, which makes it a choice destination for foodies. Ever had modern Israeli? You’ll find the best of it at Zahav. And of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Philly without a mouthful of Philly Cheesesteak from John’s Roast Pork.

15. Washington DC

This compact city has a lot to offer in terms of marvelous views, spectacular architecture, and exceptional Indian food. Try something new and delightful at Rasika: Flavors of India, or enjoy an upscale American entree at Old Ebbitt Grill.

16. New York City, NY

New York City is a top foodie destination for reasons that should be obvious. Get a taste of the thriving dining scene in The Big Apple by visiting Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, South Of The Clouds, or Chef’s Club.

17. Charleston, SC

Take a trip to Charleston for culinary events, seafood staples and low country cuisine. Dine at Husk for contemporary southern meals, visit The Ordinary for fresh and delicious seafood dishes, or grab a seat at 167 Raw’s Oyster Bar.

Wherever your RV travel takes you, we hope you have the opportunity to visit at least a few of these marvelous eateries across the country!