RV Loans for Customer with past credit issues:  

Southeast Financial offers an RV loan program for people who have experienced bad credit issues. How Can I Qualify For This Program?

  • Must provide proof of income. Income must be verifiable and consistent.
  • Recreational use only
  • Prior bankruptcies are okay, but they must be discharged and have no multiple filings
  • Must have prior positive installment loan history
  • Must have stable employment, minimum 2 years for self-employed applicants.
  • Minimum credit score 550 typically.
  • Minimum income of $20,000 annually

What might disqualify me?

  • High debt ratio
  • multiple bankruptcies
  • unverifiable income
  • limited installment history

Collateral and Loan Advance

  • Collateral up to 15 years old considered

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Our RV loans range from $7,500 and up

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