When purchasing any horse trailer, safety and handling are your two primary concerns.

This is precious cargo, not only because of the investment, but more so because the bond between owners and their horses runs very deep.

Here are some things horse owners look for when purchasing a used horse trailer, and some tips on used horse trailer financing.


What to Look For In A Used Horse Trailer

Put a lot of work and research into your purchase. These are the items that you should prioritize and consider when shopping for your aluminum horse trailer:


  • Good Floor: First and foremost the floor of the trailer has to be exceptional. It must be structurally sound and always look for a steel frame.
  • Overall Condition: How are the tires? Is the hitch in good working order? Are the safety chains intact?
  • Size Does Matter: Is it going to be tall and wide enough for your horse(s)?
  • Load Type: Do you prefer slant load or straight load? Everybody has their own opinions on this but many feel the slant load protects them better and they don’t move around as much as a straight load. You do not want your horse getting tossed around back there.
  • Loading Gate: Do you want a ramp or no ramp? Can your horse back out, or do you need to get a bigger trailer to allow for room to turn your horse around inside so they can unload facing the exit?
  • Dividers: If you have anything larger than a one horse trailer, make sure the dividers are secure. Your trailer should also have breast pads for your horse’s comfort while traveling.
  • Ventilation: If you are not getting an open stock trailer, make sure that your used horse trailer has good adequate ventilation.
  • Brakes and Electronics: Before purchase have the used horse trailer inspected if possible, and then annually make sure you have the brakes and electronics inspected to ensure proper function and safety.


What to Look for in a Used Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

When you start getting into living quarters for people, that’s where things can vary wildly. There are some crazy nice very expensive trailers out there.

If you are someone who spends nearly every weekend in your used horse trailer, get the basics. If you spend the money on living quarters, the most important things you want are a refrigerator, microwave, stove, sink…basically a little kitchenette, and most people prefer a full bathroom.

The gooseneck of almost all used horse trailers will have a sleeping area above it. Used horse trailers may also have a couch that turns into a bed, or a table that turns into a bed. Most people prefer a table that converts to sleeping space, because that way you have sitting room, and if it’s raining people have a place to go, play cards, etc.


Used Horse Trailer Financing

While it can be tempting to pay for your two-horse trailer, three-horse trailer, and other recreational vehicles in full with cash, you should really consider used horse trailer financing.

Caring for horses is an expensive endeavor, and sometimes emergencies come up for which you are going to need cash.

Not only can used horse trailer financing allow you some cash reserve, it can help maintain or improve your credit score.

When considering used horse trailer financing, remember that the better your credit score, the more you put down on the horse trailer, and the shorter your term, the better your interest rate will be. Just as with any vehicle loan, if you are financing your used aluminum horse trailer, you must have horse trailer insurance.

The staff at Southeast Financial understand that your horses are family, not cargo. We will work diligently to help put you in the safest and most comfortable used horse trailer you can find.  Contact us today for more information.