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If you love to travel and are looking for ways to save money on your trips, consider using an RV or a camper for added comfort, convenience, and cost-saving options. Over time, hotel fees combined with eating out can add up. Given enough time, everyone gets sick of the traditional continental breakfast served by most hotels. Using hotels also restrict where you can stay and can limit the things that you see during your vacation. There are many advantages to traveling with an RV or a camper, and many of them will end up saving you money in the long run.


Even discount hotels can be expensive these days, and a quality place to stay can run you well over $100 per night. Most campgrounds that have hookups for RVs and campers will cost less than $50 a night. In addition to KOAs and other traditional RV spots, many campgrounds also provide inexpensive places to stay the night, complete with a beautiful view. Most National Parks offer RV camping, with or without hookups, for less than $30 a night. As an added bonus, you won’t have to carry all of your clothes and belongings into the hotel every night and then repack the car in the morning. Everything you need is conveniently self-contained in your very own living space that you can customize to your specific needs.



Staying in an RV provides you easy access to both a stove and a refrigerator, two key parts to being able to cook on the road. A home-cooked meal will cost far less than anything purchased in a restaurant and probably be healthier too. An RV provides the convenience of being able to shop for exactly what you want instead of having to choose off of a restaurant menu. A simple breakfast consisting of eggs, toast, and coffee prepared in an RV will cost you less than half the price of the same meal in a traditional diner.



Using an RV to travel can provide you with endless opportunities for places to stay. For those who want full hookups every night, a KOA or RV park can provide many amenities. Many campgrounds can accommodate RVs and are located in an ideal vacation location. Traveling with an RV also allows you to comfortably stop at highway rest stops or truck stops if a trip becomes too long and you need to stop for the night.

Planning lodging for a vacation when you need to book hotel rooms can be stressful. Having an RV or a camper allows a much greater degree of flexibility. You could choose to call ahead and reserve a site for your entire vacation or take the freedom that an RV provides and travel with only a loose itinerary. There’s no wrong way to travel with an RV, and in the end, it’s a cost-effective and fun way to see the world.

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