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As someone who has always loved traveling, the thought of purchasing a Recreational Vehicle or a motorhome has always been appealing. In years past, I would happily traipse through shows held at malls and in parking lots to see the latest models and amenities while imagining myself living in them. Window shopping is fun; getting motorhome loans requires a bit more thought and a few key decisions. One of the biggest decisions is choosing whether to purchase an RV vs motorhome.

Reasons for Purchasing an RV

1) RVs range from small collapsible trailers to full-size:

With everything from a small camper (Class B or Class C) to a full-size trailer (Class A) available, you are sure to find the right size vehicle. Those who only want to do a little camping once or twice a year might find simple campers with basic amenities the perfect option. However, if you plan to live in the vehicle full-time, you should consider purchasing a larger trailer that offers more space and amenities.

2) RVs are towed via a hitch system:

This means that once you’ve set up your RV, you can unhook the tow truck or towing vehicle for use around the area. This will be helpful if you enjoy sightseeing or if you just need to run to the store for some milk and cookies. In addition, the towing vehicle can be your regular means of transportation when you are not traveling in your RV.

3) RVs require less storage space when not in use:

Unless you plan to live in it full time and sell or rent your traditional home, you will need to find a place to store the RV when it is not in use. Even larger RVs that offer slide-outs can often be stored alongside a house or garage with minimal effort.

4) RVs usually require less maintenance and get better gas mileage:

Because they have no engine of their own, RVs simply do not have many repair issues. Their lighter weight also means less money spent on gasoline.


Reasons for Purchasing a Motorhome

1) Motorhomes offer all the amenities of a traditional home:

With a motorhome, you really can enjoy the exact same amenities you would find at home. Fully equipped kitchens, king-size beds in a private bedroom, standard showers, and even fireplaces can be found in various sizes of motorhomes.

2) Motorhomes offer easy access to the driving cabin and other amenities while in motion:

This convenience allows the passengers to move about when you’re on the road during the journey. While this must be done carefully, the ability to lie down and nap or get up and use the restroom at will is definitely a plus.

3) Motorhomes are home and vehicle in one:

By combining both home and vehicle into one unit, you do not need to worry about the cost of maintaining and paying for two separate units.

4) Setting up a motorhome requires minimal work:

In terms of readiness of an RV vs motorhome, a motorhome is almost ready to be used the moment you arrive at your destination in comparison to an RV. A few simple hose connections along with electrical connections and maybe a slide-out or two and you’re good to go.

As you can see, there is really no right or wrong answer when choosing between an RV vs a motorhome. It all comes down to your plans for using it and your preferences.

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