Below are several questions that we often hear from prospective customers and our answers.

How does this process work?
You will be asked to scan a valid state issued driver’s license using your webcam or mobile device camera. Please note that the driver’s license needs to be plastic to be recognized. This is a new method designed to reduce fraud, it is easy to use and – most importantly – fulfills all security standards.
Why was I asked to provide an ID?
This is a measurement to prevent fraud, and identity theft. Southeast Financial is solely an online financial institution, we take this additional measure to prevent fraud. This measure protects Southeast Financial as well as our buyers and sellers from potential fraud and/or scams.
How long does it take to verify my ID?
This process can take between 5 seconds and 4 minutes depending on the options selected and the quality of lighting, camera resolution and ID type selected.
Do I need a webcam?
If you do not have a working webcam connected, you can use you mobile phone camera to complete the verification.
Do I have to activate the webcam?
Yes, please click ‘Allow’. Your webcam will be turned off automatically upon completion of the verification process.
Which IDs are supported?
You must provide a valid state issued driver’s license. The driver’s license must be plastic (hard copy) to be recognized.
Who will be able to see my ID?
Only Southeast Financial will receive a copy of the Identification. We require this for funding purposes as well as the title and registration process.
What happens to my ID data?
None of the information you submit will be shared. Your details will be automatically checked, verified and seen by Southeast Financial only.
What happens after I have scanned my ID?
The ID will be automatically verified or declined.
What happens if my ID gets declined?
Please check if your driver’s license is readable and fulfills the required criteria (ie. State issued driver’s license. The driver’s license must be a valid plastic card). Try to scan the driver’s license again. Please reach out to your loan officer for further instructions if you have unsuccessfully completed this within 3 attempts.
My ID isn’t scanning, why is that?
It could be a variety of factors, from the lighting in the room to the camera resolution. The ID should scan if you can clearly read the information on the computer screen.
Can I upload a black-and-white image of my document?
No, Southeast Financial will not allow for this document to be uploaded, must be completed per the ID scan on the link above.