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Whether your RV plans are just for vacations and weekend travel or if you’re planning a life on the road, RVs are a great way to see the country on your schedule. For retired folks, RV living cuts down on expenses, property taxes, and maintenance due to today’s competitive loan and RV refinancing rates. For working people who can do their jobs from anywhere that has internet access, RV living means you and your office can pick up and find new scenery any day of the week. Plus, RV life cuts you down to the essentials.

Life on the Road

Life in an RV has many perks. First off, it’s less expensive. As the recent financial crisis taught us, mortgages can be a great tool or a crushing pile of debt. If you find yourself drowning in expenses and struggling to maintain your home and yard, ask yourself a few questions:

1) Do I need this much space?
2) Am I putting my time and income to work on what matters to me?
3) Do I have to stay in this region?
4) Am I working this job in this town to buy this house, this car, and these yard tools?
5) If your work can be done with a good internet connection, could it be done from the road?
6) Do I love my life?

RVing offers flexibility, portability, and quality bonding time at home. The Digital Hippies warn us it can take some work to function in close quarters, but it leads to a closely knit family.

RV life is cheaper than many homes, but it isn’t free. Technomadia.com offers information on their RV expenses for camping fees, vehicle fuel for their RV and car, propane and maintenance fees. While their RV expenses run at an average of about $1600 per month, other fully retired RV travelers have whittled expenses down to $500 per month. The cost of maintaining an RV is still considerably cheaper than a traditional home. That along with the flexibility of transportation has also led to an increase in use over the years.

Boondocking is the cheapest form of RV living. It’s also called dry camping because there are no hook-ups. While you can enjoy privacy in an undeveloped area, there’s no electricity, water access or any place to dump your tanks. Security may also be a concern, so be alert.

Campgrounds can run the gamut from well-developed spa-type sites with pools, hot tubs, and an activity director to more rustic options that feature a spigot and a parking space. Depending on the development, expenses and experiences will vary. If you’re not a big people person, looking for rougher camping sites may mean a more peaceful travel experience.

While RVs are not a great place to host a giant party, the whole world is your front porch. Recreational vehicle ownership has been steadily on the rise as rewards include an interesting life on the road with a chance to live in solitude and peace, or fun and frolic with fellow campers. If you’re cramped from driving, find a spot to hike. If you’re lonely, check out a campsite for friendly faces. If you’re not crazy about your neighbors, moving is a breeze! The rise of the RV has changed the way people continue to look at the outside world for generations and will continue to do so for generations to come.

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