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More and more people are abandoning their traditional vacation plans for RV trips. It’s understandable, an RV lets you travel the country in style while saving money on hotel costs, in favor of affordable, scenic campsites. However, not all camps are created equal. Here are just a few of the “must-visit” RV camps in the United States that you can explore with the fun and freedom of an RV.


Zion River Resort

This RV camp in Virgin, Utah is located just thirteen miles from Zion National Park–home to gorgeous sandstone cliffs, and only a few minutes away from the north rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s also a popular destination for people running away from cold climates in the winter. The Zion River resort has free WiFi, full hook-ups, concrete parking pads and grills. What more could you want?


Shady Dell RV Park

Although Bisbee, Arizona is a “blink and you’ll miss it” sort of town in southern Arizona, the Shady Dell RV Park is a “can’t miss” attraction. You can bring your own trailer, but there’s also a twist: you can rent a number of awesome restored trailers from the ’40s and ’50s! It’s also got an on-site diner that serves up delicious American fare for breakfast and lunch. Shady Dell is a must-visit camp for RV lovers and Americana fans alike!


Fernwood Resort

This RV camp in Big Sur is surrounded by gorgeous California redwood trees. It’s also close to the breathtaking oceanside cliffs that Big Sur is known for. It’s a rustic and gorgeous campsite that’s been operating since 1932.


Pecan Park Campground

San Marcos, Texas is the setting for this awesome RV camp. Nestled between the pecan trees and the San Marcos River, Pecan Park has scenic views and full hook-ups. It’s also one of the premier river-tubing sites in the country!


Rivers Edge RV Park

If you’re planning an RV trip to Fairbanks, Alaska, look no further than Rivers Edge. You can set up camp beneath the midnight sun in one of the parks’s 190 sites. Offering plenty of room to stretch your legs, a network of trails perfect for hiking and biking, and a shuttle service that will take you to all of the area’s attractions, Rivers Edge has it all.


Sun N Fun Carefree RV Resort

If you need a little sun in your life, you need to check out this Sarasota, Florida RV camp. It features a gigantic on-site wellness center and spa, as well as an indoor pool and steam room. They’ve also got an incredible “neurogym” that uses computer programs and health equipment to teach visitors how to de-stress (although it’d be pretty hard to be stressed in such a gorgeous place!).


These are just a few of our favorite RV camps and there are thousands to choose from all over America! We hope you find one that’s just right for you, whether you’re just staying for a few days, or you’re looking to put down some temporary roots. Make sure to also check out the top rated RV parks across the U.S. and the top 5 beachfront RV camping spots. Happy camping!

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