RV motorhome Use with senior citizens

Members of the Baby Boomer generation are currently reaching retirement age in record numbers. This generation is living longer and enjoying better lives than their counterparts of any time in human history. They actively engage with life rather than just sitting out their retirement years in stagnation and boredom. Now, developing interests they didn’t have time for when they immersed in the working world, many have taken up traveling to explore new vistas and meet new people. They’re getting on planes, going on cruises, and even signing up for bicycle tours. Many of them are getting behind the wheel of an RV and hitting the open road.

The Changing Demographics of RV Owners

It’s not just retirees who are joining the RV ownership club. The fastest growing group of RV owners is those between the ages of 35 and 44, with the average age being 48. Many have children in the home who are under the age of 18 and use their RVs for family vacations.

One of the major reason for the increase in RV ownership is a growing preference for quality outdoor experiences. Mini vacations are also much more prevalent than they have been in the past, and those who own their own RVs have a much greater margin for making spontaneous decisions than their counterparts who are confined to motel and hotel room stays when they want to get away. RVs make it possible to stay in comfort in areas where the only other accommodations alternative is tent camping. They make it easier for people to travel with their furry friends. Today’s travel consumers are seeking unique experiences rather than canned vacations, and RV ownership allows them to custom-craft leisure experiences based on their own personal preferences and needs.

RVs themselves are changing as well to accommodate the more active lifestyles of modern RV enthusiasts. It’s common to see kayak and bicycle racks on the newer RVs as well as fuller kitchens and child-friendly interiors.

The Changing Faces of RV Resorts

The increase in RV ownership among a younger demographic combine with retirees seeking more active lifestyles to encourage owners and managers of RV resorts to offer activities and amenities that appeal to people of all generations. Today’s RV resorts offer far more than picnic tables, barbecue spaces, bike rentals, trails, and golf courses. Visitors find full service restaurants, gyms, hot tubs, playgrounds, swimming pools, and a variety of other amenities designed to appeal to a variety of tastes. Many cater to a certain demographic and provide attractions specifically designed to appeal to that group. For instance, families with young children probably prefer RV resorts with playgrounds and planned activities for their little ones to enjoy, while those traveling with other adults may prefer an environment created with adults in mind.

RV ownership is on trend to continue to increase among adult consumers of all ages, and RV users can expect to see even more improvements in both the RVs themselves and the RV lender options available to them and their fellow travelers.

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