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With many RVs costing over $100k, for most people who buy an RV, it will be the second-largest purchase that they will ever make, with their home typically being the first. When making a purchase of an item as expensive as an RV, it makes a lot of sense to consider the additional purchase of an extended service plan. The protection provided by an RV extended warranty can help an RV owner in a number of different ways.

Manufacturer Defects

When compared to a conventional automobile, there are far fewer RVs manufactured and far more custom craftsmanship in each RV. While the custom craftsmanship of an RV is an attractive quality, it also increases the chances of a serious mistake when compared to the automated construction of a conventional vehicle. Having an extended service plan protects an RV owner in the event that a manufacturing flaw shows up after the standard warranty has expired.
Timely Repairs

Having an extended service plan can help an RV owner to make repairs in a timely manner. For example, an owner may put off having a blown strut replaced due to the high cost of having a repair completed on an RV. However, driving an RV that is not in good repair is dangerous as the RV may be more difficult to handle which could cause an accident that may result in thousands of dollars in costs.

Vacation / Retirement Budgeting

A broken down RV can have far-reaching consequences. The cost to repair an RV may result in a vacation being canceled or ruined due to the financial strain. RV repairs can significantly impact a person’s lifestyle while in retirement when most people are on a fixed income and do not have a lot of cash flow for unexpected repairs. By having an extended service plan that reduces the financial risk of ownership, an RV owner can enjoy his or her RV without constantly worrying about potential problems.

Resale Potential

When it comes time to sell an RV, having an extended service plan on the RV will make it more attractive to potential buyers. Just like those looking to buy a new RV, used RV buyers also want an assurance that their investment is protected by a warranty. In addition, buyers may feel more comfortable buying an RV with an extended warranty as the presence of the warranty makes it more likely that the current owner kept the RV properly maintained.

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