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Owning a motorcycle can be an awesome adventure filled with fun and challenging rides on curvy and scenic roads. Whether you prefer a touring bike, a trike, or different style, the following five blogs offer riding tips, routes, and travel advice you may find useful.

Pat Henderson’s Life and Motorcycle Travels Blog

Pat Henderson writes a blog about her husband (Andy) and herself riding through New England. She has a Yamaha vStar named Blaze that she rides on her adventures. Her blog is mainly about their own experiences with tips for new riders and riding with a group. She also gives tips on dressing for different types of weather and information on some of their most scenic routes they’ve traveled. For instance, one ride was the Whispering Giants Grant Tour. It’s a 312 mile loop through New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. The blog is well written and fun to read.



Bama Rider

This blog is written by Guy Boutin, otherwise known as the BamaRider. His website/blog is mostly about his travels through North American and the United Kingdom. He is retired and living his dream! Boutin has traveled over most of the country’s famous motorcycle rides and has been to every National Park in the country. Through his experiences, he shares tips for touring on a motorcycle and the bikes he has ridden. He also has a favorite road page that can help you plan your own trip, as well as his favorite places he’s visited. His site also has photos and videos for your enjoyment. His motto is “It’s all about your spirit and not what you ride.”


Two-Up Motorcycle Touring Adventures

Jim Jankowski writes about some of the latest updates on roads, products, and anything that will make your next ride fun and memorable. He also adds tips on his site for camping, lodging, restaurants, and online store products. He has categories broken down by states with some of the most famous rides, their routes, and information to help the rider along the way. For instance, in Tennessee he has the route for The Tail of the Dragon.



The Texas Rambler

This blog is written by Ivan and Janet, retired and loving their travel adventures all over America. They share their love for riding with travel tips, motorcycle trip logs, places to visit, motorcycle news, and other travels. One of their more recent rides was through Montana, so it’s not all about Texas. They have an archive section with their travels listed for each month.



Riding the USA

If you enjoy seeing photos of different places, then you’ll love this blog. The photos are stunning and give excellent descriptions of places traveled all over the United States, from Maine to California. The writer also gives information on rallies as well as to these links: Alaska Trip 2012,  My Spot Page,  My Cross Country Trip,  Trip to Key West,  Trip to Death Valley, and another link to Major Trips I have done.


With the wealth of knowledge from the above blogs, you should have some great guides for any upcoming ride you are planning. Enjoy and safe travels!

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