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You probably know this, but a warm rider is far safer on the road than those who find themselves frozen solid from the winter chill. When you are too cold on your motorcycle, the weather tends to force shivering, exhaustion, even confusion in the rider. It can be dangerous and downright deadly, unfortunately. To continue riding through the winter, here are a few worthwhile tips to keep in mind:

The Right Clothing

Many motorcycle outfitter stores offer a range of thermal underwear that is actually quite thin but remains effective at staving off the cold weather. You won’t require numerous layers of clothing, but instead just a single layer of underwear that does not limit your movement too much.

Wind Chill

When going out for a ride, you need to estimate the wind chill along with the low temperatures. Travelling at high speeds down the highway, with 0-degree temperatures outdoors, you may experience temperatures in the negatives due to the wind speed. Do your best to remain clear of extraordinary wind for both temperature and safety reasons.

Stop On Occasion

Believe it or not, actually stopping while in the cold weather can work wonders for your ride time. A quick ride home in freezing temperatures is perfectly fine, we all do that on occasion. However, find somewhere to stop frequently during long trips for a warm drink and a chance to thaw out your frozen extremities.

Eat Well

During the cold weather, our body’s metabolism begins to slow down exponentially when we start to shiver, which is designed to create internal heat. Practicing good nutrition will ensure your body remains warm and is heated as it burns calories internally. Eat foods that are loaded with nutrients and anti-oxidants. Fruits, soup, and spicy foods are actually quite good for this. While hot food items may give you a nice warm feeling in the pit of your stomach, a single piece of fruit remains just as effective where it counts.

Watch Your Voltage

While riding for long periods of time, be sure to keep an eye on your alternator and ensure it can handle additional accessories that may keep you warm, such as a heated set of gloves or a vest. Your best option is to visit the owner’s manual for your bike to locate the wattage on the alternator. If you want to run electric warming items, be sure your alternator can support it.

Stay Well Rested

When you are riding, no matter what the weather, you always want to stay well rested to make sure you’re as alert as possible. Driving tired is worse than driving drunk, it can even be worse on a motorcycle. Taking extra caution in the winter months is very important as there may be more dangers on the road in colder weather and wet or icy conditions.

When riding during the coldest times of the year – especially on long distance motorcycle rides – it pays to take a few precautionary steps to ensure you remain warm and safe. Warm clothing, eating well, and bike accessories can make all the difference.

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