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Buying a horse trailer is a big decision. After making this decision, you need to choose the trailer that is right for you and your horse. With all of the different types and styles of trailers on the market, it can be hard to determine which one to buy. Here you will find some tips that will help you determine the one that is right for you.


First, you need to ensure that the trailer you are going to buy is the right size for your horse. This will depend on how big your horse is. They will need to be able to spread and stretch out all of their legs and have enough room for their head and neck to move so they can keep their balance. If you have multiple horses that will be using the trailer, then you should ensure that it is big enough for your biggest horse.


It is important to have a trailer that is properly ventilated. This will help to control the temperature within the trailer to keep your animals comfortable. The gases from manure and urine along with carbon monoxide that could get into the trailer can make a horse sick, so it is important to ensure proper ventilation. If a horse is sitting in a trailer that is not moving down the road quickly enough, the temperature within the trailer can rise to approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit higher than it is outside of the trailer. Proper ventilation will help to control this and will keep your horses comfortable.


We always want to ensure that our horses will be safe, so having them ride in a trailer is no different. The trailer should be looked over for any kind of sharp corners or edges as well as any objects that protrude outward that could harm the horse. You will also want to verify that the trailer has an exit door that can easily and quickly be accessed by a person. Check the height of the doors to ensure your horse will not hit its head every time it comes through the doorway.

Ramps that are used to load and unload the horse need to be solid, non-slip, and low. The floor and underbraces should be checked over to ensure they are solid and in good condition. The brakes and lights should work, tires should be in good condition, and the trailer should be made to hold the weight, size, and strength of your horse.


There are three different styles of horse trailers. The first is the manger trailer. This trailer has a manager built into the front of the trailer. This gives you extra storage underneath the manger.

The second style is the walkthrough trailer. This allows you to walk the horse up into the trailer and then you can walk out a standard size door. These trailers are more open and give the horse more room to steady itself and balance while being transported. The standard service door gives you easy access to the horse.

The third style is the slant-load trailer. This is often not a good trailer for a large horse, but many horses will load easily into it. Something to be aware of is the placement of the wheel wells that are within the floor space used by the horses and can cause them injury.

Finding the right trailer to transport your horses is important to ensure that your horse is safe and comfortable while traveling. These tips will give you what you need to choose the trailer that is right for you.

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