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As one of the most popular pastimes for many individuals, fishing involves a combination of relaxation and skill. Whether or not you want to brush up on your knots, gain insight on new fishing tips, or just find special places for engaging in this sport, there is an abundance of mobile applications available to help. Let’s look at the top fishing apps you might want to explore for useful tips, tricks, and information.

1. Orvis Fly Fishing

The Orvis Ultimate Fly Fishing Guide application includes a wealth of knowledge including fly-casting instructions, videos and animated guides, step-by-step instructions for tying knots, links to buy fishing licenses in all fifty states, guides to top flies, and plenty more for both the beginner and experienced fly fisher.


2. Fishidy

This fishing application is wonderful in terms of its ability to fetch detailed information about species, waterways throughout the country, interactive fishing maps, boat ramp locations, as well as input and track your own data on catches. Furthermore, this mobile app is free making it great for all fishing enthusiasts.


3. International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Mobile

Now it is easier than ever to bring the IGFA with you when you’re out fishing. If you are looking to break any new records, you can search the IGFA angling World Record database. This application also allows you to plan your trips, identify and track catches, and locate the nearest weigh stations.


4. FirstMate

If you are interested in an application to explore during your saltwater fishing trip, FirstMate is able to bring you all the relevant information you may need in one simple place. Not only can you find tide charts, weather forecasts, barometric pressure, and feeding times, but you can also track your catches.


5. Boating US & Canada by Navionics

As the top-selling boat application in the world, this necessity provides anglers with detailed nautical and sonar charts, routes, distance, markers, and wind forecasts. A free version is available for a trial before purchasing but allows limited access to features.


6. Fishing Calendar

As an advanced prediction calendar, this fishing application shows you the best times and locations to help increase your chances of a catch. Regardless of where you are at, this app lets you view the best fishing times and track and share your location. It definitely lives up to its name and enables users to integrate the app with maps.


7. Knot Guide

Highly-rated by users, Knot Guide features detailed instructions on how to tie 103 knots as well as a dedicated section for fishing knots. This indispensable tool extends well beyond just fishing.


Overall, there are plenty of apps that help keep track of when the fish are most likely to be b2iting. While some are free and others offer an upgrade for more features, quite a few require purchase to start. Luckily they are all relatively inexpensive and the benefits outweigh the price.

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