Now What?  How Do I Request Loan Documents..

  1. Fill out a request to PROCEED WITH LOAN by clicking here 
  2. Choose who your loan officer is (This will insure the request goes to the correct person)
  3. During this process you will upload the following documents to your loan officer.  a.) Copy of front and back of the title:  (Boats: For boat we will also need a copy of the registration for the trailer and picture of the serial plate on the motor.)
  4. Seller(s) Info: name, address, phone and email (requested when filling out proceed with loan form also)
  5. Do the seller(s) currently have a loan on the unit you are purchasing?     If yes send the following in addition to the items above.a.)15 day payoff letter from the current lien holder it should have the following information: shows seller name, account number , overnight payoff address(no PO box), and per diem per day.
Things To Keep In Mind..
  1. Decide if you would like to roll the sales tax, unit licensing, and registration fees into your loan: This should be determined before you finalize your loan you need to check with your local DMV to see what the sales tax, and license fees are .
  2. Proof Of Insurance: You are required, as part of your loan agreement, to maintain comprehensive and collision insurance coverage on your unit for the entire term of the loan. The insurance must be in effect before we can fund your loan. Southeast can help you with this . We work with the top rated insurance companies for recreational vehicle coverage to insure our customers get the best coverage at the lowest price just click here for a free insurance quote! (M-F we will get you the quote within a couple hours.  **After you sign the loan document you will need to send us verification of insurance online Click Here or email to [email protected] (in your loan packet there is a sheet with the insurance address for your lien holder)** 
  3. Register & title your unit: Once you have completed the loan process you will need to title/register your unit. This is when you pay sales tax , licensing, and registration fees(which you can pay out of pocket or rolled into your loan-see #1). You will need the title to complete this. You will get the title from the seller when you pay for the unit.**If we paid off your seller(s) loan: We will FedEx the title to you as soon as we receive it from the seller(s) lending institution. For Lien payoffs it usually takes 2-4 weeks for us to receive it. In the meantime you may receive automated email notifications to send us your registration you can ignore those until you receive your title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  4. Once you have signed the loan documents and the notarized documents are notarized upload them to our closing department at. This will allow our closing department to get an early start on checking over your documents and verify that everything is completed correctly. In this email include the FEDEX tracking number and in most instances we can be send your loan package to funding while we wait for the originals . We need the originals back in our office before we issue funds.  REMEMBER: Once you email the documents to us you will need to ship the original loan documents to our office. We highly recommend that you use FEDEX Priority Overnight shipping. This is the only shipping method that will ensure that we receive the loan documents early enough the following day for processing. You must return your document within 24-48 hours of receiving them(make sure to include your insurance binder)
  5. When your recreational financing is complete, you have 30 days to send us a copy of your registration with current lien holder information. You will receive a payment book from the bank about two weeks before your first payment due date